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Day 5 of the shred.

Almost one week is complete. I have to admit that after the first workout, I was thinking “what in the hell did I get my self into”. Then came day 2, then three and so on. Although I am still on level one I can feel my body adjusting to the moves and even jumping a bit higher during the cardio sessions.

I like the video. Secretly I wish there were more abs in the first section and a better warm up/stretching section. Does that come with level 2? (I have not watched ahead)

Anyone else want to kick Jillian and the girls for looking too perfect while working out? Sheesh. I can’t wait to find my abs….

You know what I learned this week?  That I should have been doing more kegels after I had the baby. Doing all those jumping jacks that first day was a killer. Wow. Holy bladder control ,batman! Word to the wise- empty your bladder first!

Watching and reading everyone encourage and cheer each other on  over at the hood has probably been my biggest motivator. I love it. (don’t you?) Keep pushing yourself and others!

Well, it is the weekend. I am hoping my sisters don’t fall off the wagon.  If you do, pick yourself back up and try again on Monday. Deal? deal.

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