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30 days. 30 long days…

30 days of having Jillian guilt guide you to a better body.

Well, we are wrapping up yet another, hopefully successful, 30 day shred here at Shrinking Jeans. Have you seen results? Are you in love with your new toned up self? You should be! You worked hard for it.

I am still a few days behind, but will finish shortly. I do see a difference in my thighs (hello squats and lunges) and my pants are now too big! Finally I can say that my jeans are shrinking!

Once I started this shred, I felt like I had energy again. You know, energy that it almost non-exsistent while working full time with an infant that doesn’t sleep. Honestly I dreaded doing it, trying to find the time, but once I did workout, I enjoyed it. It made me feel strong. It gave me encouragement that I can *do this*. “This” being weight loss and bettering myself, for myself.

I also want to give a great big shout out to all of my fellow shredders at the ‘Hood. You all encouraged me and each other every day. I applaud you. YOU should be proud.

If you tried and didn’t finish… please, please, please still be proud of yourself for giving it ago and don’t give up. Just because we aren’t hosting a 30 day shred here, don’t think that you can’t do it…because you can,I promise, you can.

So, share your thoughts! Did you love it? or was it a pain to do? Are you going to keep the workout in your routine?

Just a reminder, if you are wrapping up your 30 day shred, re-take your photos and measurements!

Thanks again for shredding with the sisterhood!!

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