True ConfessionsFitness Edition – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


March 30, 2010 By lisa

  1. I ran 8.3 miles this weekend.  That is the furthest I have E-V-A-H run in my life. 
  2. Miles 1-6 were good.  The last two miles sucked ass.
  3. My calves are paying for it now.
  4. After consultation with Coach Joe (our Team in Training running coach), he has benched me for the rest of the week.  No running. 
  5. While my brain is screaming- YOU NEED TO RUN TO STAY SANE- my physical body is thanking the coach for giving me the green light to rest my very fatigued body. 
  6. I am supposed to run 8 miles again this weekend.
  7. Does next Monday constitute the end of the weekend?!
  8. After my calves, my upper body and arms are dying.  SO SORE.
  9. I so badly wish I could truly relax and rest, but that is hard to do when you have 3 kids to take care of.  And a fundraising event to finish planning for Sat.  And grandparents coming in for the weekend.  And Easter festivities.
  10. Who has time to worry about what I am eating when all I can do is focus on the 1/2 marathon training and how my body feels?

My body is so tired right now.  Not my head.  Not my brain.  My physical body is screaming for rest, rest and more rest.