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So its been a month somehow since I last posted and I can’t say its been a great one. I have a decent excuse with Beth being as pregnant as she is and unable to do a lot of the things she normally does, I have had to step up quite a bit recently. Not to mention all the food.. its really not easy to be good when your partner isn’t. Of course its not impossible and I should be able to control myself .. but I dont. I am happy to say that I am maintaining my weight, but I wish I was losing. But wishes don’t seem to get me very far. Once the baby is born I’ll be home for a long time and I will get into a good routine or else I know I will be in trouble. I always have trouble with my weight when I spent a lot of time in my home office which is right next to the kitchen.. I need to put locks on the cupboards or something.

So I started drinking some coffee again and some diet coke too.  My stomach has been behaving very well with it so I’m going to see where moderation leads me.  I promise if I start to have the same symptoms again, I’ll go see the doctor.