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We’ve been playing along with the Monday Project since the first week of January here at the Sisterhood and that means we are in WEEK 10 of Monday Projects! Wow!! We’ve had a lot of awesomeness come out of them, too, with some pretty memorable projects and a lot of soul-searching along the way. There was building a “wall of motivation” somewhere in your house,  “introduce us to your inner superhero,” writing letters to our future selves to name a few…

Some of us have been here through all of it, but some of us are just starting here. So I’m listing out all the Monday Projects we’ve done so far so that you can look through them and pick one or two or all of them to catch up on! There are a few that are coming up that we’re going to add onto previous projects (like our Walls of Motivation…) so here, you’ll get the opportunity to look through the list and catch up! There are actually a couple I need to catch up on myself, (I have done the “do something different” project but I didn’t get a chance to write about it!) So here’s your chance to catch up! You can even use this week to add or modify your previous projects! You have all week to do the Monday Project, post about it, and come back here on Friday and link it up! (If you want to read everyone’s past projects, I’ll be putting those in Friday’s link-up post!) Most of all, HAVE FUN!!! See you back here on Friday! Past projects listed below:

Week 1: Project “Me”
Week 2: The Motivation Wall
Week 3: List 5 Reasons Why You ROCK!
Week 4: Write a letter to “Future Me”
Week 5: Try Something New
Week 6: Re-Think Your Shrink Wrap-Up
Week 7: Introduce Your Inner Super Hero!
Week 8: The Bank
Week 9: Answer the Question: What would it be like if I waited?

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