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Today is the day.  A new shredding challenge starts here at Shrinking Jeans. Are you excited? I am.

I am excited to be part of this shredding challenge after having to sit the last one out. After all,  being newly pregnant and shredding don’t really go well together. Now 4 1/2 months postpartum (holy cow she is that old already??!!) I have no excuses!

Are you shredding with us? If so, have you joined our group at the ‘hood?

Did you remember to take your beginning photos and measurements?  Sure if you are like me, you hated every bit of it. BUT. I promise you that once we ALL complete this challenge ,we will love that we have something to compare our hot new bodies to. (you do not have to share your photos if you do not want to!)

Moving on…

Have you started your first workout yet?  ( I haven’t yet- my workout is tonight!)If so, how did it go? If you haven’t, what is holding you back? After going back and reading some of  the first shredding sessions, one tip that is consistently given is, keep pushing through. Don’t give up!

Read here.

or here

heck, go re-read all the shred posts! (I know I will be)

It’s going to be hard, but with the help of each other we can do this! Just remember to keep pushing and encouraging each other.  Also, it’s never, ever too late to join in! Just let us know if you are doing it with us!

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