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If you’re new to the Sisterhood, you’re probably asking, what’s a Tworkout?

Well, a Tworkout is a kick ass workout that April and I like to yell at you through your computer, via Twitter. We tweet a last chance tworkout from @shrinkingjeans every Tuesday night, during the Biggest Loser. That’s 8 pm Central Time, and again at 8 pm Pacific Time. However, tonight, we will NOT be tweeting (April’s a bit under the weather and I’ve got a prior engagement), but instead I will be posting a workout here. You can do it during the Biggest Loser. Or Lost. Or the news. Just do it! Last chance (pseudo) tworkout!

Why is it last chance? Because, just in case you’ve forgotten, tomorrow is our first team weigh in for the Spring Fling!

What do you need? For this last chance tworkout out, you’ll need a sturdy chair, a towel or mat (if your floor isn’t soft), a full water bottle, and your t.v. program of choice.

And, without further ado, I present this week’s tworkout!

1st: Wall sit, at least one minute, or as long as you can go

2nd: Superman – Lie flat on your stomach, arms straight out ahead of you, nose on the floor – then lift your arms and your legs. Hold for 20 seconds, and repeat three times.

3rd: Push ups – 30, any style

4th: Squats for three minutes – don’t forget to squeeze that tush as you’re coming up!

5th: Bicycle crunches – Elbow to opposite knee, switch. As many as you can do in one minute.

6th: Fake jump rope for three minutes.

7th: Dips. You’ll need the chair for this excerise. Face away from the front of the chair, legs straight out, hands holding onto the seat. Lower yourself down, slowly and back up – a dip! Do as many dips as you can in one minute.

8th: Side lunges for three minutes – alternate back and forth between left and right.


Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout your Tworkout.

See you tomorrow for weigh in!

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