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This past week has been a huge struggle for me, workout wise. I’m hurting, and it’s kind of freaking me out. I listened to some of my fellow Sisters last week in one of our Team in Training conference calls, who were having a hell of a week LAST week.


Pretty sure this week was that week for me.

It kind of started during the beginning of this new challenge. I was all fired up and attempted to do the 30 Day Shred AND the 1/2 marathon training. About three days into the shred I was convinced Jillian Michaels may be very well trying to kill me. Not good pain, either. Like weird pains in my shins (yes, the dreaded shin splints) and this funny thing in my hip flexor where it would all of a sudden go weak and I felt like I was going to topple over. She even made the arches of my feet ache.

So I bailed on Jillian. As much as I love her, my body was telling me ‘Hold on missy. I don’t think so.’ (It totally said that. For reals.)

I took two rest days, Tuesday and Wednesday. I felt guilty about resting, but my body was telling me to pack it in for a few days. And you know how when you’re kind of sedentary for a couple of days, your momentum wanes? Tonight it took me till 9 pm to drag my sorry self onto the dreadmill.

Forty minute run. In the bank. I hated every minute of it. But, it is done.

Till tomorrow.

The good thing is, as I sit and write this, I can feel the pain leaving my body. I will get up and walk around, prepare the house for sleep. I’ll get up tomorrow and I’ll be just fine. My muscles will not be sore.

I will run again.

And again.

Last week I made a decision that I felt was best for my body – I abandoned (with a heavy heart) the Shred. I know that right now, my 1/2 marathon training comes first. I folded. I walked away.

The trick now is to figure out what kind of pain I push through, and what kind of pain I listen to. I need to figure out when my body is just being whiny. This will be vital as I get into longer runs and harder training.

Because seriously? I am SO not letting some pesky injury keep me from reaching my goal of crossing that finish line in San Diego.

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