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A while back, the fabulous team at BornFit asked me if I would like to help them kick-off the Motherhood of the Traveling Shirt. I was honored that they would even THINK to ask me, so of course I said yes. They sent me a magical shirt to inspire me on my journey to get fit. After two weeks, I will pass the shirt on to another Mom. I have so many women who inspire me, how will I ever choose who to send it to?

Today was the PERFECT day to don the special shirt, because today is the day I needed to get through an 8-mile run/walk. Now, to a lot of you, that may not seem like a lot of miles and you may be able to do it with your eyes closed in a half hour, but to me, it is HUGE. I’ve done that distance exactly TWICE before in my lifetime. Once when I was training for a previous half and another time during my actual half marathon.

I put on the shirt, strapped on my Garmin, pushed play on my iPod, and headed out the door. The first three miles were GREAT! I was able to mostly maintain a 4-min run/1-min walking pace. Even my feet were feeling awesome, thanks to the new shoes from New Balance I received at Fitbloggin’ (thanks!). Things went downhill with each mile after that. I started getting side aches and couldn’t get my breathing right while trying to run. Note to self: Hills are probably not a good idea during your first really long distance of the season.

Mile seven was a tough one. Really tough. Three thoughts were running through my mind…

“This really sucks and really hurts.”

“BornFit chose ME for a reason, I can’t let them down.”

And then I thought of Christie O., who was on a treadmill at the mall for over TEN hours yesterday to raise money for our Team Shrinking Jeans. TEN freakin’ HOURS! 26 MILES! Are you kidding me? That woman is amazing! And I am ready to call it quits at 7?

Obviously, I sucked it up and kept plugging along. When I got to my house, my Garmin read that I had only gone 7.5 miles. Do you know how bad I wanted to pretend that was good enough? I didn’t. Instead, I turned back around and walked a quarter mile away and jogged back.

Here is my “after” photo, courtesy of Averie:

I have something else in store for myself this week… I plan to conquer one of my fears. Stay tuned.

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