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I’m fresh off my trip to Fitbloggin’ (which explains the lateness of this post, because HELLO, I haven’t slept in days and need to catch up!), and I am bursting at the seams with motivation.

Let me share a some of my motivation with you!

Motivation is finally meeting some of the amazing Sisters you’ve “known” for so long. Seeing, hugging, getting to know them, and forming a stronger bond. It gives me a renewed sense of motivation to know that so many amazing ladies (and men!) rely on the Sisterhood for support. There were so many times this weekend, when I’d start chatting with someone, they’d ask what “site” I was from, and I’d tell them, and they’d gush about how much they love it here. Some of these were ladies I didn’t even know at the Sisterhood, and it made me realize WE are motivating so many people. You are part of that “we”, you know, because without all of our wonderful sisters and brothers, the Sisterhood would just be a shell.

Another thing that motivated me so much, SO MUCH, was when we did the 5K run at Fitbloggin on Saturday morning. Because I’m suffering with a foot injury, I wasn’t able to run the whole 5K, and ended up walking most of it. April joined me, and as we walked I cried. Cried from frustration, and anger, and fear that my foot would not heal and allow me to run in San Diego. I’m totally not a public crier, and I was getting down with the ugly cry. April listened to me and let me vent, and was so encouraging (thank you!). As I was wiping tears on my totally rad wrist band, I looked up and saw Mel and  Marisa running past us, and then they looped around and passed me again, and I cheered for them because they are an inspiration to me and so many others at the Sisterhood! Thank you so much ladies!

Lastly, I am motivated by my fellow contributors here at the Sisterhood. Everyday they pour their hearts and souls into this site. They do it for us, and they do it for you, and they do it out of love. So much love. I want to thank each and every one of them for making The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans what it is.

Thank you Melissa, Lisa, April, Thea, Heather, Christie, Donya and Brian. All of you are the best, and I draw SO much motivation from you each and every day.

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