My Monday Project: Mini-Lent Fail – Christie O


March 19, 2010 by christieo

As I alluded to in the main post, I failed miserably this week in my attempt at my Mini-Lent.

First, I didn’t know what to give up. And by Tuesday, I figured it out because it told me. I was on overload, I had a headache, I couldn’t keep up with the message boards, the e-mails, the blog posts (you have probably noticed I have had trouble keeping up with visiting blogs, too, which to me is the funnest part and I hate that that’s the one part I’ve done the least! For that, I apologize. I do love you.) The Twittering, the Facebooking, the texting and the instant messaging.

I was a wreck! This can all be very overwhelming and stressful! And I don’t want it to be, because it’s all a means of keeping in touch with all of the groups I so dearly love, after all, from my Sisterhood sisters, my mom’s group, parents at my sons’ school, my tri-group, my family, to my readers (if I have any left!) and friends.

My Mini-Lent or my sacrifice was to unplug. For a day. If not one day, then two days. And then maybe three, maybe even a week if I could! But I won’t lie. I logged on on Tuesday and it was all downhill from there.

Like usual, within 10 minutes of logging on, I had 5 different windows open, I was answering e-mail, writing blogposts, Facebooking and Tweeting updates for my Christie On a Treadmill At the Mall fundraiser, setting appointments and meetups and coordinating my Spring Festival projects (at my sons’ school.)  My one attempt at unplugging turned to madness and I am sure that it is because of the timing, because right now there is a lot going on and these are all the methods I use to coordinate and converse. Honestly. I stay home. (When did I get so busy? And how?)

I think it all boils down to balance. And I have to find it. Sure, there are times that are busier than others and honestly, I believe that when it rains, it truly does pour, and then after it all passes, I’m bored to tears and setting up a bunch of new stuff that all seems to culminate once again at the same time. So maybe it’s a coordination issue? Maybe in my times of lull, I set up LOTS OF THINGS so that I have something to work on and then I end up doing too much? Because I hate being bored.

Well, even on my quest for balance that seems never-ending, I am pretty sure there is a way to find two hours a day (or more) to be completely unplugged and not checking my Blackberry every 5 minutes or logging on to the computer. The world can wait while I decompress for a little bit, right? After all, I am not Bill Gates.

I learned this week that I have yet to learn the art of unplugging. For my head, my sanity and my overall health and wellness. As I blog from Baltimore at Fitbloggin. I’m a nut.

But I shall try again. I’ll keep you posted.