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I made this to go with steaks for dinner one night a few weeks ago. SO YUMMY! Even the kids gobbled it up using Baked Tostitos scoops! It’s all good as an appetizer, late night snack, on chicken, by itself…..well, you get the picture. In the famous words of DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba: […]

Please see in the comments below if you’re a winner! (Winner selected by Picture it, Sicily 1942-oh sorry, way too many late night Golden Girls episodes lately.  Where was I?  Oh yes, picture it: I go to the gym, pick a machine, turn on my ipod, choose my playlist, put my ear buds in, […]

Welcome to the Monday Project Link-Up!! This week was all about catching up on projects past because even I, who writes the post every week, missed posting a project. And before we get ahead of ourselves with some really cool new projects, we wanted to give all our newbies and procrastinators  a shot at being able to […]

This past week has been a huge struggle for me, workout wise. I’m hurting, and it’s kind of freaking me out. I listened to some of my fellow Sisters last week in one of our Team in Training conference calls, who were having a hell of a week LAST week. The OHMYLORDIMUSTBEOUTOFMY MIND week. Pretty […]

Another week has come and gone and it’s time to see which team kicked their shrinking up a notch! Last week, The Weight Loss Warriors took the early lead. Will they remain number one this week or will another team step up and steal the throne? Here are the cumulative results: G4      1.70% Weight Loss […]

I am nothing without goals. I am constantly setting new goals for myself and am always dreaming of bigger things. I feel my best when I have something I am striving for, something I am set on achieving. Seriously? What’s life if you just stick to the same old routine? Pretty boring, if you ask […]

Calling all Teams of Shrinkers!!!! It’s time!! Weigh-in Day is upon us! How did you all do this week? Did you keep up the momentum? Are you loving this group thing or what??!! Well wait no longer, go on, hop on those scales, weigh-in, post about it, link up here in the comments below. Now make sure […]

It Tuesday, and that can only mean one thing: Last Chance Tworkouts! So here’s the skinny: Follow the Sisterhood on Twitter! Join us while we watch the Biggest Loser. We’ll Tweet a #tworkout for you to complete during the commercial breaks. Tworkout starts at 8 p.m. Central time, and we have a West coast edition at […]

So, I’m going to switch things up a little bit this week.  Instead of confessing things I’ve done bad, I’m going to confess things I’ve done good. Is that bad English?  Things I’ve done well?  Things I’ve done good? Things I’ve done right?  Yeah, that sounds better.  I’m going to confess things I’ve done right. […]

We’ve been playing along with the Monday Project since the first week of January here at the Sisterhood and that means we are in WEEK 10 of Monday Projects! Wow!! We’ve had a lot of awesomeness come out of them, too, with some pretty memorable projects and a lot of soul-searching along the way. There was […]

This weekend, I went for my long run for Team in Training.  Most runs, I let my mind go blank, forgetting about stresses and troubles and to-do lists at home.  I let my mind go free from all of it, letting my iPod pound out good music in my ears. And this weekend’s run was […]

So it is fish fry season and this recipe comes just in time for lent. Not only is it quick and easy, it is heart healthy too! What you need: 2 pounds  fish fillets 1 Tbsp   fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup    fat-free milk or low fat buttermilk 2   splashes of hot pepper sauce […]

*UPDATED! Check the comments for winners!* A few weeks ago, Weight Watchers got in touch with the Sisterhood, wanting us to give their new and improved snack cakes a try. Um, okay. Twist my arm. Snack cakes? Yeah, I’m got a bit of a sweet tooth. Guilty. Weight Watchers has recently reworked their creme filled […]

Fitness Friday is upon us, and this week I’m going to give you my top fitness picks, and in turn I want you to share yours! There are so many Sisters (and hopefully some brothers lurking out there), with different experiences we can all learn from. So check mine out and then share your top […]

This week’s Monday Project was to take a look at what things would be like if you postponed this little thing called a weightloss journey. If instead of being on it right now, what if you had waited? Stayed complacent? And instead, started in, say, two years from now, what would that be like for you?  […]