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Wow has it been a  week. …Things around here(shrinking jeans) have been on FIRE!  With the 30 day shred going on (Are you shredding with me? If so, how are you doing? ) and our team challenges, it has been crazy up in  here

Back to the weigh in…I love having teams (Go Team SynErgy!!!!). Having teams pushes me harder. Hard enough to lose 3# this week!

Last weigh in was 206#

this week 203#

I was good. I ate well, drank water and started the 30 day shred. Although I did have cookies, I did eat them in moderation. Meaning I could have eaten the entire package, but I managed to show *some* restraint.

boy do I want a cookie now…

(i’ll be strong, you know, for the team)

Good luck everyone, I hope you have a great week and I hope to see you on the “hood and shredding it up!