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Today, I got up and was very positive about weighing in. Cocky, almost. I mean, I am so sore from shredding that I think I heard my body creak as I got out of bed this morning.

I think I had a right to be positive. I’ve run 15 (FIFTEEN) miles since last weigh in. I shredded. I yoga-ed (once). I ate within reason.

So my body must be setting me up for a colossal loss next week, cause this week I’m UP 1.5 pounds. So frustrating.

This coming week, I need to concentrate on keeping the momentum I had last week, despite of the scale going the wrong way. That’s where I run into problems. If I work hard and it doesn’t pan out, I just want to throw my hands up. But I won’t do that this time.

My plan is, I’ll keep up with the exercise, but I’ll be more strict with my calorie counting (hello, Weight Watchers online, it’s been a while). I am SO bad at counting my points.  Something in my head keeps saying that if I work out religiously, the pounds will come off. That I can be a bit looser with my eating. But I’m not 20 anymore. So here I sheepishly go to start logging my points!

The good news is, my girls on Team C are kicking butt and taking names. And next week, well I’d better make a huge dent in pushing our weight loss percentage in the correct direction!