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I’ve been thinking a lot about exercise lately. How much I do, or don’t do. How I feel guilty if I give myself a day off. How I used to give myself weeks…no MONTHS…off.

Last week I gained weight, a total slap in the face considering I was shredding and doing the 1/2 marathon training. Yeah, the scale really hurt my feelings. Seriously.

This week has been a struggle. Against injuries, the blahs, and a hectic schedule. I confess, I had to quit shredding, cause it was messing with my feet/shins/ankles something fierce. I’m bummed, cause I want the results.

So this week, I just stuck to my half training. I took a couple of days off. Like yesterday. I had to – not only was my body literally screaming at me to take a break, I actually was out all day visiting my new niece (I kind of love that excuse).

I wasn’t sure what taking a day off, especially the day before weigh in, would do to my results. But, thankfully, the scale went the right way. Just a smidge.

I’m down .7. I am still disappointed, but at least we’re heading the right way and I’m back to a normal BMI. I keep bouncing back and forth.

For some reason I thought doing such hard training, running especially, would cause the weight to fall off. And it’s not. I’m not sure if this is something I need to come to terms with, for the time being. For now, I’ll keep adjusting and hopefully find something that works!