Team Leaderboard – Spring Fling, Week #2 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Another week has come and gone and it’s time to see which team kicked their shrinking up a notch! Last week, The Weight Loss Warriors took the early lead. Will they remain number one this week or will another team step up and steal the throne?

Here are the cumulative results:

  • G4      1.70%
  • Weight Loss Warriors      1.56%
  • Off the Oreos      1.37%
  • Hood Mamas      1.32%
  • Completely Committed Chicks     1.27%
  • The A-Team     1.24%
  • synErgy      1.10%
  • Naughty & Nice      1.10%
  • Team Fabulous      1.07%
  • Special K      1.05%
  • Hottest Hookers in the Hood      1.04%
  • Divine Divas Downsizing      1.00%
  • Pigs Will Fly      0.97%
  • Team Incredible      0.90%
  • Jazzy Janes      0.85%
  • Team Q      newly formed*

Team G4 has taken the #1 spot! They had a huge 2.2% loss the first week (but forgot to report in!) Way to go, Team G4! You’re shrinking away right before our very eyes! The Weight Loss Warriors are hot on your tail, so be careful! Off the Oreos have started out with a BANG! and have lost 1.37%, wow! Will they steal the #1 spot next week? We shall see!

I am so proud of all of our teams! Look at the wonderful progress you are making! What will Week 3 bring? Keep your focus, make the right choices, and have a fabulous week, everyone!!

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