The Monday Project #11: Mini-Lent | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Last week, we played catch-up, and if you haven’t seen that, then feel free to take a look at projects of Mondays past and catch up! In fact, if you do catch up, just link up in Friday’s post with all the other link-ups, but tell us in the comments which project you’ve done so we can all see!

Right now, it’s the season of Lent, which means making sacrifices or give up certain habits for a period of 40 days. (I gave up fear – and it’s working!) What this week’s Monday project is, is a mini-version of Lent only the non-religious kind because obviously not everyone observes the Lenten season. 

But this week’s project, for one week only is:  Give something up for the week.

It can be anything. It can be whining about something, it can be thinking a certain way, it can be a food, it can be riding to work instead of driving, anything. Something you’ve been wanting to do, changing a habit, doing something different with your recipes or your children or husband, you name it.

Write about it on Friday and link it up here!

Good luck!

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