The Monday Project Link-Up: Catching Up | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Welcome to the Monday Project Link-Up!! This week was all about catching up on projects past because even I, who writes the post every week, missed posting a project. And before we get ahead of ourselves with some really cool new projects, we wanted to give all our newbies and procrastinators  a shot at being able to catch up!  

So which one (or more) did you choose?? And newcomers, did you like doing this? We’d love any suggestions for future Monday Projects because we’re continuing them for as far as the eyes can see! (There are some pretty cool ones coming up, by the way!) Please e-mail me at [email protected] with any ideas!

So link it up here! Show us your projects! And below is the link-up for projects past, if you want to see what others have done. (They are so inspiring!!) Come back Monday for week #11’s project and have a great weekend! Stay strong!

1.“Project Me”
2. The Wall of Motivation
3. List 5 Ways You Totally Rock!
4. Write a Letter to Future Self
5. Doing Something Different
6. Rethink Your Shrink Finale
7. Introduce Us to Your SuperHero Alter Ego 
8. The Bank
9. What Would Have Happened If I Waited?

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