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I see a lot of new faces around here (HURRAH!!!) so to recap what The Monday Project is, each week we have a “project” or a “question” that helps you renew your motivation and/or reflect upon yourself. You have the whole week to do it and we link up our “answers” or “projects” on Fridays. I had something else planned for this week, but I got to thinking about something because I always have these crazy deep moments in spin class, of all places (I always get teary-eyed on my bike!) And this is what I asked myself.

“What would it be like if I just started this journey two years from now?”

Some of us are beginning our weightloss journeys right now. Some of us are about halfway through. Some of us are nearing the finish line. And here at the Sisterhood, we come from all walks of life. We are all ages, shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful. We all have greatness within us waiting to get out. Some of us have already caught a glimpse of it and some of us are about to (and believe me when I say there is nothing in the world like that feeling of seeing for the first time what it is exactly that we are capable of.)

All of us sisters are so glad you are with us and hopefully to stay. So I got to thinking about this over the weekend. What would have happened if I had waited a little longer to start the journey? What would happen if you waited? The good news is, you haven’t! Because you’re here right now! But if you had…

The first things that come to mind off the top would be, I’d be two years older, I’d probably weigh even more, I’d probably have even less energy and a suckier metabolism, my kids would be two years older and everything that that implies…

Of course, those are very “scrape the surface” things, but no doubt, it would be harder. So I want you to fast forward a couple years and show us what would happen if you put off getting healthier, what would it be like to start later than today?

Link up on Friday so we can all see what you’ve come up with!! Have a wonderful week!!

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