Thursday Three | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


I am nothing without goals. I am constantly setting new goals for myself and am always dreaming of bigger things. I feel my best when I have something I am striving for, something I am set on achieving. Seriously? What’s life if you just stick to the same old routine? Pretty boring, if you ask me. You were asking me, right?

I thought it would be fun to share our top three fitness goals that we have secretly (or not-so-secretly) set for ourselves. Here are my current hopes:

*You probably guessed that I would say this little 1/2 marathon I’m training for. Well, you were right. Now, I don’t have huge hopes when it comes to the actual race. I would like to do more running than walking. I want to finish. And I want to finish under 3 hours, which would put me at a pace of approximately 13:30 or less. Certainly do-able! I would also like to not feel like crap afterward and be able to walk, so that I can have some fun with my teammates in San Diego when it’s all said and done!

*I would love to try fitness classes at my gym. I know, I know… many of you do this every day! Easy, right? But I’m scared. I’m a wuss. There, I said it. I have become shy and un-brave in my plus-sized body and am afraid that I will look like a total buffoon. If I would get the guts up to actually attend a class, I bet that I would probably enjoy it and have no problem going again. I just have to do it.

*I dream of an extended adventure/fitness excursion. This dream also includes lots of hiking in forests and mountains, whitewater rafting, camping… How exciting would that be? I mean, really! I should probably take my husband along, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some good friends along, too. You know, because I would need someone to save me from drowning when I fall overboard. Or get eaten by a bear.

What are your top fitness goals? I want to know.

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