Thursday Three! – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I was sitting here (okay fine, I’m lying on my bed) thinking about how different the Sisterhood is now than it was a year ago.   It was only 4 months old.  A wee baby, just learning how to spread her wings.  Finding her place in the big scary world known as the bloggy world.

She was created by a group of women (and one man).  Their goal was to document their weight loss journeys together, and they were inviting you to come along, and not only as a witness but also as a participant.  They wanted to you begin and document your journey along with them.

As I was thinking, it hit me just how much our Sisterhood has grown, and there are new faces every week.  So, I thought it would be good to play a game in an attempt to get to know each other better.  Will you play with me?

Leave a comment saying 3 things about the person who commented above you.  Things you can list are good qualities about that person, why you like him or her, something that we may not know about that person.  If you don’t know the person above you, find their blog, email, twitter or something, and talk with them a bit!

So, I’ll start.  Since there is no one above me, I’ll choose someone and that will get us going.


1.  Not only is she a blogging queen, but she’s a mom to FOUR kids.  Do you know how tired that makes a childless chick, such as myself?  And two of those kids are twins!  Not only does she find time to take all four kids, to their different activities, but she also makes time to of course blog, and work out.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

2.  She is a fantastic photographer.  Seriously, her photos have sent chills down my spine at how beautiful they are.  She has a way of seeing something, taking that something, and creating an outstanding shot of it.  She is a true artist.

3.  She can have a blast being goofy and isn’t ashamed to share it.  Want proof?  Go here.  It’s one of my favorite posts!

Note:  To keep this fair to all, please comment on the person who commented above you, not the person who replies to comments.  Make sense? Also, if you’re new, please leave a link to your blog, so that the person below you can visit you!

That said, let’s play!

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