Thursday Three: Three Things About Your Sisterhood | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I wanted to do some sharing this morning, some things that you may not know about the lot of us and some things that happened at Fitbloggin 10 (a conference aimed at gathering health bloggers all in one place that many of us went to over the weekend.)

1.  On Friday, the day I could not eat meat because of Lent, we entered an Irish pub. I really thought FISH N CHIPS WAS IN MY FUTURE! Silly, silly me. We were at a health blogger conference! Of course we were not going to get the fisn n chips!In fact, I, one of the last to order, saw many of you ordering salads at the Irish pub (congratulations to you! I’m impressed!!!) In our party of 20-something, not a single person got the fish n chips! Wow. You guys are my rock. You made me get the crab cakes instead. Guilt works wonders Influence is amazing. You saved me.

2. Behind the scenes, Team in Training is hard. We have had lost toenails. We’ve had aches and injuries that have left us sidelined and have had to find it within us to wait it out. (THAT IS NOT EASY, PEOPLE!) We push through pain (Christy, girl, you are made of the real stuff.) We have had so many ups and downs as a team, we have sent out literally hundreds of e-mails and snail mailings and spent hours and hours and hours fundraising and running. We have had days where no one has answered a single one of our e-mails or letters (every day I run to my mailbox hoping to see just one of my self-addressed stamped envelopes come back to me, and I have! But it was a return to sender. Wah Wahhh..) We have had days where someone touches us so deeply with their comment or their support or their donation that we cry. We e-mail each other all the time for support, we share our milestones, we share our stories of when we met someone in person, we ask for advice, we ask for a lift when we are down, we are truly a TEAM. And the true meaning of it. This is the most amazing, rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

3. This week is our longest training run yet. It’s 8 miles. This is the hard stuff. These are the weeks when we’re all going to see what we’re made of. These are the days where some of us will see ourselves run further than we ever have before. These are the weeks where we will have to dig deep and lean on each other for support to keep going, whether we are running or waiting out an injury. These are the weeks, like any tough week in our lives, where we will have to remember what we’re doing it all for, see the faces of our wonderful support network, our donors and the people we are literally fighting for as we push through each mile in our minds to keep our legs moving. Your donation hasn’t been about the money (yes, that helps, we have a ginormous goal of $50,000 to reach!) but your donation has really meant to us your support, your comments have been our strength and the stories you’ve shared about being touched by cancer have made our hearts heavy and have fueled our drive to continue. We run for all of you. You’ve been such a big part of that in our Party at the Sisterhood, and for you, we are so very very thankful!

OK your turn! Share any 3 things you’ve learned about the Sisterhood, about Fitbloggin, about Team In Training, or about yourself during your journey with the Sisterhood!! Have a wonderful day!

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