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Okay, for the life of me, I can’t remember the last time I confessed.


Let’s see… this week:

  • I baked. A lot. In the name of taking goodies to my sister-in-law, who just had a baby last week, and because my son keeps begging me for ‘birthday cake’. Birthday cake, to him, is anything in a muffin/cupcake shape. So, of course I had to taste. The good news is, all my baking subbed yogurt for a lot of the oil and eggs, and I hid pumpkin, cauliflower and carrot puree in my cupcakes. The bad news is, I made mini muffins and cupcakes, so of course I had that excuse in my mind that they didn’t count for as much. Um, yeah. I wish!
  • After my race on Sunday, my girlfriends and I went to brunch. And what did I order? Corned beef hash. I have a rule – if there’s CBH on the menu, I’m ordering it. Period. I kind of obsessed. I ate CBH on the morn of my wedding – probably not the smartest choice with nerves and all, but I HAD TO.  The  CBH on Sunday wasn’t a great CBH, thankfully, so I only ate about 1/2 of it.  Oh, and the Bloody Mary…that’s a serving of vegetables, right?
  • My attitude on exercise this week sucked. I was hurting quite a bit. Then, on Saturday, I went and was properly fitted for shoes and I magically feel better. I guess my old Pumas weren’t so great for running after all. I thought the salesguy was going to beat me over the head with them when I confessed I’d been training for months in my ‘cute’ running shoes. Take note: cute running shoes are usually not functional. Good to know.

So, that’s me for this week…not too bad. How’d you do this week? Spill. Now. I command you (please).

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