True Confessions – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


True Confessions in the house! Or is that in the ‘hood? Hmmmm.

Let’s see…..

The good:

  1. I am officially running again. WOOT! That little bout with tendinitis really scared the shit out of me, though. Seriously. I thought all my training for the San Diego Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon with Team Shrinking Jeans was coming to an end. Shew. So glad I rested and let my heel heal 😛
  2. I ran 6.25 miles on Sunday.

The bad:

  1. I’ve only run 6.25 miles in the past 2ish weeks.
  2. I haven’t done any other exercise in 2ish weeks, but I’ve been eating like my training did not cease.

The ugly:

  1. I’m a chronic weigher, and I stepped on the scales this morning and got a huge shocker. Seriously. I wanted to kick it, but I was afraid of re-injuring my foot.
  2. I ate at Fuddruckers on Saturday. Hamburgers, french fries, and onion rings. Ohmy! I will say I limited myself to only one paper ramekin of glorious fake cheese.
  3. I made Healthy Pantry whole grain chocolate chip cookies and ate 6 or 4 of them. Maybe it was 8? Not sure. I lost count. Or maybe I just shoved them into my mouth so fast I couldn’t count? Seriously. Only *I* could take something that’s healthy and make it not so. In my defense, I did wash them down with skim milk. That counts for something, right?

So what do you need to get off your chest? Or you hips or thighs? Maybe you were perfect this week and you want to toot your horn!? Go for it! Grab a badge and link up in the comments, or if it’s too bad for the blog, just leave your confessions in the comments.

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