True Confessions – Christie O


March 2, 2010 By christieo

UGH. Ok, no bull. Here it is.

-I haven’t counted a single point in over two weeks. I did start back up again yesterday, however.

-I was a little (ok, a lot) annoyed at myself because HELLO!! I racked up 37 ACTIVITY points last week on top of my anytime points and my daily points! So I think I’m going to be ok in the future with my starvation (I always feel hungry when I count points but I’m on a quest to use what I’ve been given and see what happens.)

-I had chocolate cake, Lobster Fest and Taco Bell and $5 Taco Tuesday specials at our taco place. I’m really into the taco thing right now and to get around it, I’m making a light version of enchiladas this week. So there.

-I need a big swift kick in the rear and I think that my group is giving it to me (in a good way! I love my team!! We so rock. So look out, people.)

That’s all! Have a great week!