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It’s been a few weeks since I posted about how my Team in Training runs are going.  The last you read, I was just returning to running after an injury.  Since then, I have run, run, and run some more, with the usual aches and pains but nothing bad enough to stop me from….you guessed it- running even more.

Coach Joe adjusted my training schedule to compensate for the 10 day break in running (he’s a smart cookie!). 

I ran 8 miles this past weekend for the third time and have yet to break this mileage barrier although I am totally counting the extra mile I did to loop back and meet with my teammate to help her finish her 10 mile run.

WHAT?!!!!  Yeah, you read that right.  I actually got to run with some of my teammates (and a few other treasured Shrinking Jeans sisters) this past weekend as we converged on Christy’s hillside abode in the Texas Hill Country.

Kirsten, Heather, me, and Christy

To say this weekend was awesome would be an understatement.  It effing ROCKED!

I cannot wait to do this again in San Diego in a short 6 weeks.

And to my fellow retreat hookers, you are da’ bomb.

Our entire group (top) Kirsten, Tiffany, Elaine, and Amanda; (bottom) Thea, Heather, me, and Christy