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When you’re dealing with an injury, or multiple injuries, it really messes with your mind. You’re supposed to be resting up so your body can heal. Resting equals idle body. Idle body equals mind that has way too much time to think about the idle body and how much it’s driving you insane to be idling along and doing nothing. Except resting. So you won’t have to be idle anymore.


Having an idle body isn’t bad, though. After all, you’re trying to heal. Trying to get better. But then you turn to Dr. Google and read about injuries and how they can derail your training and ruin your goals and… just want to cry.

I’ve just described what I’ve been going through for the past few weeks. One injury after another. Tendinitis, IT band issues, mystery foot pain. All of this while I’m supposed to be training for a 1/2 marathon. I’ve sat on the couch and Googled incessantly. I’ve also been reading books and trying to figure out where I went wrong, or if I went wrong.

(Knowledge is power. I’m just sayin’.)

Through all of this, do you know what’s kept me going? What’s kept me motivated? What’s kept me from throwing in the towel?


My Sisters in shrinkage keep me motivated.

Whether it’s my Team Shrinking Jeans Sisters (and Brother), or my A-Team Sisters, or just my Sisterhood friends, I am motivated by all of you.

I log on to the ‘hood and see a Sister posting about trying a new workout. I log on to the Daily Mile and see a Sister posting about a walking a entire marathon. I log on to Twitter and see a Sister posting about conquering a mountain. I log on to just about anywhere and YOU are there.

I am motivated to work through these injuries and get back out on the road, and today I did. Today I ran 6 miles in 1 hour and 11 minutes, and I thought about you the entire time. I thought about seeing you cheering me on; you being there to give me a virtual high five; you telling me that I can do it; I thought about all those awesome comments on the Daily Mile and Twitter and the ‘hood. I thought about you.

Thank you for motivating me. Thank you for being part of the Sisterhood and motivating others. Thank you for being you. I appreciate you so much more than you’ll ever know, and so many other people appreciate you, too.

So now I want you to answer a question:

Who motivated you this week?

And now I want you to go and thank that person. Right now. Leave them a comment. Shoot them and email. Pick up the phone. Do whatever you have to do to let that person know how much you appreciate their support and motivation.

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