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I can hardly believe it…today is the last day of our lovely Spring Fling Challenge! Personally, I struggled a lot during this challenge.  Lots of roller coastering (I just made that word up) for this girl. But I’m so glad I had my Team C peeps! Thanks ladies! How did you do? Did you enjoy […]

So, it seems that twitter was being all crazy-like tonight, so I’m hurrying and putting the tworkout out up!  And if you didn’t join us, first of all, BOO and second of all, you can do it on your own!! 1.  2 mins high knees, 1 min buttkicks 2.  Side plank holds, 30 seconds each […]

Is it really Tuesday again, already? How was your week? Were you focused and driven? Or did you have a few flubs along the way? Warning! Warning! You may want to cover your eyes right now. I’m feeling a major bitch session coming on. True Confessions of Melissa 1. I have been in a major […]

If you’ve been a party to my Tweets this weekend, you’ll know that I went out and did an open water swim this weekend, in the very spot where I will be swimming next weekend for an Olympic-distance triathlon, my longest triathlon yet. Well, in short, the swim didn’t go so well. But I can’t […]

When you’re dealing with an injury, or multiple injuries, it really messes with your mind. You’re supposed to be resting up so your body can heal. Resting equals idle body. Idle body equals mind that has way too much time to think about the idle body and how much it’s driving you insane to be […]

A very healthy and fun sidedish for my family and one of our favorites is one I found on the Food Network before I was married. It is still a staple today, I love it so much. It’s the Confetti Couscous. Now, I’ve linked to the original recipe, but I’ll give you my version of […]

Everyone who loves chips and salsa, raise your hand!  Mmmmhmmm.  That’s what I thought.  Okay, now how many of you fine folks avoid chips and salsa because of the calories in those yummy tortilla chips? Well have no fear, I am here to rescue you.  I found out about this little taste of heaven by […]

Besides being Friday which is really pretty cool on its own, do you know what today is??   This post is the official 1,000th post of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! 1,000 posts!!! We’ve written 1,000 posts! Hurrahhhh!!!!! And guess what? We’re gonna keep writing. We’re gonna get to 2,000 and then 3,000 and then […]

How many of you exercise?  Workout?  Get the heart pumping?  Go ahead, raise your hand. Do you ever get bored with exercising?  I know I do.  Even though I love to run, there are some days a lot of days where I just don’t want to do it, or the idea of running gets pushed […]

Can you believe we’re in the final week of the Spring Fling Challenge? WOW! Where has the time gone? Well, I know one thing that’s gone for good, and that’s a whole lot of pounds. I’m so proud of each and everyone of our teams and their awesome members! Team Incredible jumped up to 4th […]

You read the title of this post and thought personal chef, right? I wish. No, I’m talking about the little kitchen gadgets and helpers that make this whole healthy eating thing easier. Personally, I’m kind of obsessed with gizmos and doo-dads and I am not allowed to watch infomercials or anything of the like. I […]

Oh my goodness gracious… First off, on behalf of The Sisterhood, let me say WE’RE SORRY!!  If you checked in yesterday you would’ve noticed our site was down.  Christy the Wondergirl worked feverishly to get things going again and everything is back to it’s normal wonderful glory! Because of that, some of you may have […]

NO WORRIES.  You can still do it tomorrow.  In fact you should do it tomorrow.  And I’m gonna KNOW if you didn’t.  I can see through your monitor you know.  Just sayin’. 1.  Run in place for 2 minues, Jumping jacks for 1 min 2.  Jump Squats (Squat, then jump when you come back up.  […]

  We all know that we have tremendous influence on other people and their lives, and when we get healthier, other people want to be healthy too. It’s like a very healthy food flu, only the side-effects are feeling fantastic, feeling full on healthy choices and having a ton of energy and nice skin. And if […]

Lately, things for me have been one of those times that life has just happened.  I’ve had this to do or that to do OR this has happened and that has happened.  So, some things have had to give, which mainly means work outs. Truth is, with everything that has been going on, I just […]