Spring Fling Challenge Leaderboard #7 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Can you believe we’re in the final week of the Spring Fling Challenge? WOW! Where has the time gone? Well, I know one thing that’s gone for good, and that’s a whole lot of pounds. I’m so proud of each and everyone of our teams and their awesome members!

Team Incredible jumped up to 4th this week! WOW! Team Naughty & Nice also moved up a few spots. Pigs Will Fly and Downsizing Divas also bumped up a few spots with some awesome losses this week. Way to go girls!

The Hood Mamas are holding strong in first place with an incredible 3.92% of total weight lost of this challenge. Wow. You ladies have really been shrinking. Weight Loss Warriors continue to hold on to 2nd place, and G4 is going strong in 3rd. No changes in the top 3 positions this week. Is it going to be the same next week, or will the final weigh in of the Spring Fling Challenge bring with it an upset? Stay tuned!!

  • Hood Mamas      3.92%
  • Weight Loss Warriors     3.24%
  • G4      3.18%
  • Team Incredible      2.92%
  • Off the Oreos      2.76%
  • Naughty & Nice      2.28%
  • Hottest Hookers in the Hood      2.15%*
  • Team Fabulous      1.93%
  • Pigs Will Fly      1.75%
  • Divine Divas Downsizing      1.64%
  • Completely Committed Chicks     1.54%
  • synErgy      1.41%
  • Jazzy Janes      1.39%*
  • Special K      1.34%*
  • The A-Team     .12%

Congratulations to every single one of our teams. Each of you has had a loss, and that in itself is something you should be proud of!!

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