Spring Fling: FINAL LEADERBOARD – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Is this challenge really over? I can’t believe it! Where does the time go?

Between all of our teams, we have lost over 377 pounds in the last 8 weeks! 377 POUNDS! Holy schnikes! That is incredible, no?

The race was close last week! Did your team step it up in this final challenge week, hoping to spring into the coveted number one spot??

Let’s take a look!!

  • Hood Mamas     4.24%
  • Weight Loss Warriors     3.72%
  • G4      3.64%
  • Team Incredible      3.28%
  • Off the Oreos      3.20%
  • Jazzy Janes      2.24%*
  • Divine Divas Downsizing      2.19%
  • Hottest Hookers in the Hood      2.15%*
  • Naughty & Nice      1.94%
  • Team Fabulous      1.75%
  • synErgy      1.66%
  • Pigs Will Fly      1.50%
  • Completely Committed Chicks     1.36%
  • Special K      1.34%*
  • The A-Team     1.00%

The Hood Mamas finished with a bang and kept their Number One spot! Hood Mamas are the Biggest Shrinking Team!! Who are these fabulous ladies? Let’s all give a huge pat on the back to:

  • LaDonna M.
  • Tara H.
  • Lacey D.
  • Rachel
  • Julia
  • Lisa N.

Seriously, girls. You are amazing!!

Coming in with an admirable second place finish are the Weight Loss Warriors. This is my team and I am so, so proud of all of you. Can I just say how much I love my team? Really. Love. And not to forget Team G4, who has been consistent this whole challenge! Awesome, girls! You have rocked the weight loss! Great job!

Honestly, I think all the teams did such a super job of staying focused and on track! I am proud of each of you! 377 pounds – GONE! Woot!

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