Spring Fling Weigh In #6 | Christy


I had a loss this week! Seriously.

I’m still not down to my lowest weight for the challenge, but I’m moving (slowly) in the right direction. Isn’t it amazing how you can have one (or two) really bad weeks, and it takes weeks and weeks to undo the damage. That really kinda sucks! But that’s okay, because I know I’m going to get there. Eventually.

So this week I’m nursing yet another tiny running injury. My emotions and attitude range from low to angry to optimistic from minute to minute. I’m so bummed that all of a sudden my body seems to be rebelling against me. Good news is that Coach Joe thinks my IT band will be all happy and healthy again in a few days and he’s cleared me to head out for my 8 miler this weekend. Cross your fingers, k?

Challenge start: 139.6 Last week: 138.6 This week: 137.8

Change this week: -0.8