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If you’ve been a party to my Tweets this weekend, you’ll know that I went out and did an open water swim this weekend, in the very spot where I will be swimming next weekend for an Olympic-distance triathlon, my longest triathlon yet.

Well, in short, the swim didn’t go so well. But I can’t stop there. I must.keep.going. I must be “Dory” in this scenario and I must.keep.swimming. Despite whatever murkfear or depthfear or lengthfear or sealifefear is going on in my head — which I am not quite sure which one of those it is.

This week, I’d love for you to take a ride with me down “Fear Lane.” We’ve done this in a previous week in the previous challenge. We’ve tackled facing our fears.

But we have a lot of new people now and well, I am pretty sure that if Open Water Swimming weren’t on the list for me, then something else would be right there to take its place, so I say, let’s keep tackling, shall we?

If you fear something, do it.

If you want to try something, try it.

If you want to push yourself further than ever before, do it.

If you’re thinking about signing up for a race but you’re afraid you won’t be ready, sign your life away, sister! Or as my husband says, “Sack up!” (I didn’t even know that was a saying. I’m old and out of touch, apparently!)

Honestly, just writing this is getting me pumped!

I am writing a lot about this on my own blog this week and I will be back on Friday to tell you how my week went, ahead of the big Tri-Day (which is Sunday). So go out, be fearless, and the best part of the Monday Projects? Support each other! The more people who link up, the more people we support and vice versa!

Good luck!

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