The Monday Project: Book Club part Deux – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


This week’s Monday Project is a part 2! Last week, we picked out a book that’s something to do with fitness and/or healthy living and this week we’re reading it. Today, if you have a great suggestion for a book that you’ve already read, please leave it in the comments below!!

If you’re just now catching up to us, you still have time to pick something out and read it! We’ll be linking up on Friday with what we’ve read and what we thought. You can post about it on Friday and link up in the comments during the Friday Link-Up so we can all go around and read and see what you’ve found (I mean,who isn’t looking for a good read these days?!) Or you can post about what you’ve read and why and what you thought in the comments during the Friday Link-Up, it’s up to you. But hold on to your book, if you’re willing to participate in a book swap for a future Monday project, we’ll be having one of those at some point!

Have the best week ever and I hope you’re becoming chock full of fitness-wellness-health knowledge as we speak!

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