The Monday Project: Get Outside!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Hi! Welcome back for yet another Monday Project!!! (Are we having fun yet??)

Boy it sure is lookin’ purty out these days, in’t it? It’s gorgeous out here in sunny Florida, it’s that perfect temperature right before the oppressive summer heat.

This week’s project is to get active outside and get other people involved. Family, friends, co-workers, whoever you want, grab them, take them with you, and go do something fun! Take someone along for the ride! And if you don’t have time during the week, do it over the weekend and still come back and link up. Take lots of pictures! Tell us what you did! Make it fun with purpose: the purpose of burning calories.

Going to the playground? Do some pushups or sprints with the kids. Headed out for lunch? Get in a jog. Plant a garden! (I lost 5 pounds gardening gardening for an hour a day 2 years ago!) Make it a teachable moment for the kids, or just inspire someone you know to get out with you. Having a family picnic? Do some potato sack races! I plan on taking my first jog with my little 4 year old who is now interested in doing the kid races at some of our races. I’m excited!!

The point is to find new and creative ways to get active, because trying new things makes it interesting and any little bit of activity counts! It all adds up and it doesn’t have to all be work! Yes, I still do park far away from the store in the parking lots! (That plus gardening was another couple pounds! Seriously!)

 We’ll link up here on Friday, but still add the link to the post if you get active over the weekend. And take lots and lots of pictures!! Have a great week!

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