The Monday Project Link-Up: Holy 1,000th Post at the Sisterhood, Batman! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Besides being Friday which is really pretty cool on its own, do you know what today is??  

This post is the official 1,000th post of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! 1,000 posts!!!

We’ve written 1,000 posts!


And guess what? We’re gonna keep writing. We’re gonna get to 2,000 and then 3,000 and then one million bazillion and meanwhile we’re going to keep talking your ear off and nagging asking you (politely) to continually surrender yourself to fits of blood sweat and tears (well, only because we are and really misery just loves company! And besides, don’t lie, you like it. Secretly. We do too.)

So, let’s sum it up: 1,000 posts and hundreds of pounds lost here at the Sisterhood, hundreds (perhaps thousands) of miles logged, thousands (maybe millions?) of calories logged, there is a lot going on here and we’re just getting started! We do hope you’ll stick around forevermore. Because let’s be honest, it’s so much funner (my favorite non-word word) to lose weight/get healthy in groups. Safety in numbers as I always say!

Anyway, what a day! What a milestone!

I need a moment. I’m verclempt. I’ll give you a topic. Fad Diet is neither Fad nor Diet. Discuss.

OK, I’m back. Now to the real purpose of this post which is the Monday Project Link-up. Earlier this week, we put it out there to try something new within the family, friends, group, self, whatever you like — perhaps switching from one food to another, introducing a new food to the family, making a food project with the kids, whatever you like.  Because what we do actually influences other people! Especially the people who reside and/or visit within our own four walls, those eyes are watching and they’re doing what you’re doing! It’s true!

So how did you do? What did you do? Link up your posts (and we would love to see pictures!) and go around and see what everyone else did!  (I am sure they’d love your comments — don’t we all???!!)

Have a wonderful day, sisters! (And dudes!) And come back Monday for the next project!

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