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Hi! How did you do this week? Did you round up the troops and head outside? Did you convince someone that getting active was totally awesome?

Go hiking? Bike riding? Spread the exercise joy around? You can read more about this week’s Monday Project here.

Tomorrow is soccer day with my son, so we’re going to go for a jog around the track beforehand. He’s so so excited about running with me, he can hardly contain himself. He’s been talking about it all week. He’s 4 and he wants to do want mommy and daddy do (“tri-a-flon”). But first we’ll start with running. There are a lot of kid dashes around here and I can’t wait to sign him up for one! I want to see how he’ll do with a short jog with mommy and I’ll take pictures and link up here myself. (Ps. Did you know there are triathlons for 6 and 7 year olds? There are! I only just found this out myself!)

So, link it up right here and tell us what you did and who you did it with and what wonderful experience you had!

Now, in some Monday Project housekeeping news, we are changing up the Monday Project a little bit. Instead of a “weekly” installment, it’s going monthly. We”re going to take the Monday Project and make it a “monthly” project, so that if you miss a week, you actually have the entire month to catch up. Because these Monday Projects are fun! And we want everyone to get a chance to try them out! They’re about changing habits one tiny step and project at a time. They’re about looking into yourself and finding out why and how. So each Friday, I will re-post the link-up for the project of the month so you can add your link and hop around and see what other people are doing. It’ll never be too late to get in on the Monday Project now. And while I have you here, e-mail me ([email protected]) if you have an idea for a project! We are always looking for ideas and we will be linking up to you when we use your suggestion!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to link up this weekend, even if you’re late today!

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