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One of my greatest feats about having lost weight was that I did it without giving up any of my three favorite things: real sugar (not a fakey girl), cheese (Cheese cheese! I just love cheese! Really I doooo!) and bread. 

 Obviously, I have just had a little less of all of it than I used to, but I never ever had to give them up. I actually refuse to. And I love that I didn’t have to! Because sprinkle a little sugar, put a slice of cheese on it or stick it in a piece of bread (preferrably with cheese) and whatever it is is yummy to me. Maybe that sounds wrong, but it tastes so right.

Well somewhere along the way, I learned about “Arnold’s Sandwich Thins.” My parents introduced them to me one day. They’re round, they’re thin, and they act like two pieces of bread but together, they are only the width of one.

They are 100 calories (for both slices), they are 1 gram of fat. In Weight Watchers, they are 1 POINT.

Ever since trying the Arnold’s brand, spin-offs are coming out of the woodwork. Sara Lee has some sandwich thins now, and I’ve seen a few other brands that have popped up lately with similar products.


I’m just sayin. I still eat regular wheat bread (80 calories per slice- and 2 points!) but sometimes I don’t. Instead, I use the sandwich thins for my three favorite sandwiches.

  • I’ll toast them and make an egg and cheese and turkey sausage sandwich in the morning.
  • Or at lunch, I toast them and slather on (1 tbsp) of light mayo, slice up a tomato and have a tomato sandwich.
  • Or, I’ll nuke a Boca brand Bruschetta Tomato, Basil, Parmesan Patty, put it between the toasted sandwich thins with a dollop of tomato sauce and a slice of fresh mozzarella melted on top.

Oh my gosh, yum.

My very favorite sandwiches on these thin little pieces of bread that crisp up so nicely in the toaster.

Sheesh. Now I’m starving.

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