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Happy Tuesday! And welcome to another episode of True Confessions. I am your hostess, Christie O. and I’m here to spill my beans. Get ready to air out yours.

  • I ate around the world this week. And by that I mean, I had Thai on Friday, Italian on Saturday, Mexican on Sunday and Chinese on Monday.
  • I can’t believe I just typed all of that.
  • If it counts and I believe it does, I chose healthy-ish options for the take-out on Friday and Saturday leading up to my first Olympic distance triathlon, and gave myself the freebies of my favorite tacos and General Tsao’s after the race.
  • Oh shoot. There was that little issue of the “buy one get one” of Ben and Jerry’s at my grocery store. And we bought one (Peanut Butter Cup) and got one (Double Chocolate Brownie) and had some. This was on Wednesday and the first day of AF, and after the final weigh-in. 
  • I am pretty sure all of that is bad enough. On the flip side, I have begun an alcohol “fast” where I am abstaining from alcohol until June and I am still working hard on training for our Team Shrinking Jeans Team in Training half-marathon and another sprint triathlon in June. So I am still working out. So that’s something. Right?

So, ok, whatcha got? Go grab a button, post about it and link it up, orrrrr air it out right here in the comments below!

Gimme gimme gimme.

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