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First of all, I just wanted to state that YES, I know I didn’t post about weigh in last week.

I was angry and embarrassed, but I’ll just go ahead and air it out – I gained four pounds. [Insert expletives here]

Then I went off to Texas and ate all sorts of things I usually wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. I ate fried pickles! Tex Mex! Chicken Fried Steak! LOTS OF BOOZE

And this week I’m down 2.8. I let my hair down and relaxed. And off it came.

Which leads to the general tone I want to have for this challenge…I’m NOT going to stress about the actual weight coming off during this challenge. Of course, I don’t want to gain. But, instead, I’m going to focus on my three healthy habits, with the hope that everything will fall into place from there.

During this challenge I want to:

1) Concentrate on water consumption. I am really bad at drinking water. I forget. Yet, I know that during all my 1/2 marathon training, I really need to focus on hydration. I will work on drinking AT LEAST 64 ounces per day.

2) No food that comes from a drive through. I’ve found myself backsliding into getting take away on busy nights. I know where that leads…sodium, bloat, guilt. No thank you!

3) Strength training two times per week. After a long conversation with my trainer, I was reminded that I need to put on muscle mass to aid in weight loss. Plus, swimsuit season’s coming and I’d love to be more toned!

Those are my three. I must say, I love this challenge so much. I remember the last 21 day challenge last summer – it was a great shot in the arm – I have a feeling it will be this time too!