21 Days Final WeighIn – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


May 19, 2010 By Christy

It’s been a rough 21 Days. I’m going to be completely honest and tell you I don’t even remember my 3 goals. Well, I think one of them involved water consumption, but I really bombed on that one for sure.

Today is a new day. Actually, after yesterday’s True Confessions post, I kicked myself in the ass (swiftly), and started counting calories. I’m going to continue counting calories and/or doing Weight Watchers online until I am at my goal weight. Yes, I know I will slip, most certainly when I’m in San Diego with Team Shrinking Jeans, but that is okay. Slips are okay, but quitting is not okay. Giving up is not okay.

When I stepped on the scale on Monday, after being out of town for a week, I was at 146. WOWSERS. I hadn’t been at the weight in a year. I know most of that weight was water retention from all the sodium I ate and all the water I didn’t drink. This morning the scales settled at 140.8. That’s definitely up from my low of 136 a month or so ago, but it’s up because I had gotten lazy and was eating everything I wanted. In excess.

So I’m debating on whether or not to post my daily report from Lose It! Here is what it looks like:

Daily Summary for Tue, May 18th

for Christy M

Calorie Summary
Daily calorie budget 1,333
Food calories consumed 1,419
Exercise calories burned 0
Net calories for the day 1,419
+/- for the day 86 over budget
Daily Log Calories
Breakfast 184
Thomas Bagel Thins, Whole Wheat 0.333 Serving 37
Cream Cheese, strawberry, light, svg 0.333 Each 23
Apples, fresh, med, 3″ 0.25 Each 24
O Organics Peanut Butter Crunchy 1 Tablespoon 100


Fish, tuna, white, w/water, drained, can 3 Ounces 109
Sara Lee Delightful Whole Wheat Bead 2 Slices 90
Hellmann’s Dijionnause 2 Teaspoons 10
Carrots, baby, fresh 0.75 Cup 40
Tomatoes, fresh, med 0.5 Each 18
Spread, hummus, roasted red pepper, refrig 2 Tablespoons 50
Athenos Pita Chips, Original 1 Ounce 120


Barilla Plus Rotini 2 Ounces 210
Sauce, spaghetti, w/garlic & onion 0.5 Cup 80
Beef, sirloin, ground, extra lean, raw 4 Ounces 130
Micro Steam Green Beans – Schwan’s 83 Grams 30
Bread, Italian, med slice 1 Slice 54


O Organics LF Vanilla Yogurt 0.5 Cube 95
Blueberries, fresh 0.333 Cup 20
Bear Naked Granola 0.25 Cup 120
Jello Pudfing Snack Cup 1 Serving 60

Nutrient Summary

% Calories
Fat 35g 21.7%
Saturated Fat 6g
Protein 85g 23.8%
Carbohydrates 195g 54.5%
Sugars 53g
Fiber 25g
Cholesterol 111mg
Sodium 2,189mg

If I post it, will it help keep me honest? Is it too much information? It is obsessive? Tell me what you think!