Peaceful Acceptance – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


May 28, 2010 By lisa

My 1/2 marathon is in 9 nine days.

The last time I ran was 27 days ago. A 10 miler. One that put me out of commission for running due to some nagging hip pain that wouldn’t go away.

I finally visited the sports doctor yesterday. I cried the entire way there, thinking about the disappointment of not being able to run the half marathon. Crying because my body was not cooperating with me.

The doctor didn’t seem overly concerned as it was very much the hip pain I had 2 months ago in the other hip, gave me a cortizone shot, and a green light to run in 48-72 hours.

I got that shot yesterday morning and now, 24 hours later, I *almost* feel normal. Not completely, but almost. The limping is *almost* completely gone, but not quite. I can go up and down the stairs *almost* without favoring one leg, but still a tiny bit of a favor.

I will do my “long” walk this weekend. I haven’t decided if it will be Saturday or Sunday…..maybe Sunday. I will only go 4-6 miles. I may or may not try to jog, not run, but jog. Maybe. I certainly don’t want to aggravate any of the healing that is going on right now.

I have had so many thoughts and emotions and reflections these past few weeks, since my hip gave out on me.

Anger Frustration Desperation Sadness Disappointment and finally, now…..

Peaceful Acceptance

I will be in San Diego next weekend. I will walk the half marathon and *maybe* I will even run some of it. I will cross the finish line. I will do this in honor of my Aunt who passed away from leukemia at the young age of 9 years old. I will do this in honor of ALL who have died from blood cancers and other cancers or those who are living that nightmare right this very second.

I will get to finally meet the ENTIRE Team Shrinking Jeans.  I am fairly certain I will cry at some point during the weekend, probably during the race as I see how many Team in Training folks there are participating.  Or when I write all the names of our honored heroes in black marker on my arms or legs.  Or maybe when I cross the finish line and my teammates are there for waiting for me with open arms and wide smiles.

I did raise over $2900 for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I will be proud of all that I have accomplished- heck, I am already proud.

Next time (and oh yes, there will be another half marathon in my future), I will do it the right way from the beginning. Incorporating all that I have learned through this journey and applying it to my next journey. Strength training, yoga/stretching/flexibility, core work, nutrition, rest and recovery….

I will run again.