A warm welcome and big round of applause for Thea! thea – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans



Thirty-eight year old mom of 3, 6 and under, trying her best to be one HOT mom!

Lisa’s Blog


Thirty-one year old most awesome aunt who’s getting very close to her goal weight.

April’s Blog

  • Adventures in Cycling :: Geese Chased Me


If a guy blogging on a girls-only website seems desperate, I suppose it is. I really need to lose some weight. If only I would remember that when I’m eating ice cream…

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33 year old mother of 2 who is maintaining her healthy weight range, one week at a time!

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Thirty-one year old wife and mother of one ‘busy’ toddler working to look and feel even BETTER than she did before baby. Maybe EVER!

Heather’s Blog

  • Shrinking Days of Summer- Week 1

Christie O.

30-something mommy to two little boys who loves to train for random races to lose weight, doesn’t mind finishing at the back of the pack, and isn’t afraid to wear spandex in public.

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  • My Monday Project: Mini-Lent Fail

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