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I’m not sure what you guys think of those of us who write for Shrinking Jeans.

I’m not sure if you think “wow, those chicks have their #$#@% together all of the time…. they know exactly what to write and when to write it….they are so awesome….they are pillars of strength when it comes to this losing weight stuff/exercise regiment/staying motivated/motivating others…..they never doubt themselves or wonder what the hell they are doing”.

I cannot speak for the others, I can only speak for myself.

I am human and I falter from time to time.  I am not perfect.  I doubt myself.  I have aches and pains when I exercise.  I wonder why the hell I am putting my body through the torture of a half marathon training.  I lose motivation.  And sometimes, I lose my positivity towards all of this weight loss/healthy living/get fit stuff.

Yes, I admit it.  I am human and I am not perfect.

I am going through all of that right now.  The last few weeks for me have been rough, in all kinds of ways.  Physically AND mentally.  My body seems to be falling apart at the seams and my mental well-being is beginning to doubt what I have been telling myself from the start of this whole half marathon journey:  Of course you can do this.  Just get out there and DO IT.

Can I do it?

The physical training is hard.  I would venture to say the mental training is even harder.

So as my body (and specifically my right hip) refuses to cooperate, prohibiting me from running at this current time, a mere 3 weeks from THE BIG EVENT, I am totally focusing on the mental game.  The tears of frustuation are real, my friend, oh yes, they are very much real.  I have been reading everything I can get my hands on, to give my ego the boost it so badly needs.

To psyche out my inner psych-ee.

To get my mind back in the game.


My goal for the half marathon has changed from finishing under a certain time to JUST DRAGGING MY ASS across the finish line, whether I am running, walking, or crawling.

I will finish 13.1 miles on June 6th in San Diego.

Would you like to continue this journey with me?

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