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Wahoo!  Wahoo!  Wahoo!


WTH is Mailbag Monday, you may be asking yourself.  MM is the day that we answer YOUR questions.  YOUR questions, not my questions, but YOUR questions.  We announced this on this past week’s Weigh-in post and we are anxiously waiting for YOUR questions. 

No questions.  No answers.  Just a random post by little ole me rambling about a whole lotta nothing.

So fire it up.  What do you want to do know?  What have you been dying to ask?  It can be anything, whether specific to one of us Sisters or more generally related to health, fitness, nutrition, or even frivolous and silly.

We welcome any and all questions.

  • How does Heather achieve such picture-perfect, luscious hair every single day?  Or what about her secret to avoiding having to WASH her hair every day?
  • Do you want to know how Donya juggles a full time job, an infant daughter, a 9 yr old son, a husband and a household, plus find time to lose weight?
  • What about April?  Maybe you are just itching to know what her dream job is?
  • Or how is Thea doing with her triathlon training?
  • Maybe you want to know where and why Christy learned to shoot a gun?  POW POW.  Note to self- don’t ever mess with Christy!
  • Who wants to know how Melissa ended up in North Dakota and how soon she will be moving elsewhere?!!!!!!
  • Let’s not forget Christie O.  Where does she find that ever-bounding, limitless amount of energy?  Where or where and how can I get some?
  • As for me, I’m an open book and I’m sure you already know everything you could ever want to know about me.  But if there is something you don’t know about me that you do want to know (or about ANY of us), then please ask!
  • Of course, you don’t have to ask anything about us, you might want to know something else.  The sky is the limit.

Now, we just need some questions to answer of Mailbag Monday might turn out to be kind of lame- HA.

You can ask your questions here in the comments section of this post or email your questions to [email protected].  Include your name and your blog url if you have one.

Peace out!

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