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Ahhhhh yes.  Summertime is upon us.  Which can only mean one thing.  Swimsuit time Will I ever wear a bikini again? Probably not since the last time I wore one was over 15 years, before 3 pregnancies, and a *few* pounds less.  I’m still searching for that miracle bathing suit that lifts the “girls”, minimizes my squishy tummy and magically shaves the cellulite off of my thighs.

So yeah, I need this challenge like I need exercise.  That means I need it badly.  I still have some unwanted pounds lingering around and I am ready to banish them forever.  But this post isn’t supposed to be about me, it’s supposed to be about the new challenge.  I get distracted easily : ).

We liked this challenge so much last year that we are bringing it back again this year:  Shrinking Days of Summer!

OK, here are the deets for the new challenge:

  • 8 weeks long (Starting today May 26, Ending July 21st)
  • Mini challenges every week, running Sunday-Saturday (basically we will give you a task, whether fitness-related, health-related, mental well-being or whatever and each of us will focus on that task for the week)
  • Be on the lookout for a new *Family* challenge that we will be starting in conjunction with our friends over at Weight Watchers.  It will be fantastically awesome and something that you can do with your children!
  • We’ve created a group over at the ‘Hood specifically for this challenge.  If you are already a member of the ‘Hood, then head on over there and RSVP for some extra support.  If you aren’t a member yet, then click here to become a member and then join our new Shrinking Days of Summer group.  I’m here to tell you that the ‘Hood is awesome and a great tool to receive and give extra support for your journey.
  • Weigh in every Wednesday (including today).  Let us know how you did- how much did you lose/gain, what struggles did you have, what were the positives of the week.  Blog about it and post the link in the comments.  You will do this every week : ).

Also, since I am so full of news today, I wanted to give ya’ll I’m a good ole Texas girl I tell ya a heads up that our daily posting schedule is changing just a tiny bit.  Our new schedule looks like this:

  • Monday- Mailbag Monday (we answer questions from you, our loyal readers.  I am sure you just have a million questions that you want to ask me the Sisterhood.  It can be anything- personal or otherwise!  Email questions to [email protected])
  • Tuesday- True Confession (we like this one too much to get rid of it)
  • Wednesday- our favorite, Weigh-In Wednesday
  • Thursday- Thursday Threes (another oldie but goodie)
  • Friday- Food Friday/Focus on Fitness (alternating Fridays)
  • Saturday- The Saturday Review (where we review our favorite products)
  • Sunday- Sister Spotlight (we’re bringing this one back- we have so many Sisters that we need to get to know!)

Ya’ll got that?!  Now go weigh-in already and come back here and share the good news.

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