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That’s right!  Due to many, many requests, we’re bringing back the Sister Spotlight!!  This time, we’re going to do it just tad bit differently.  Every Sunday, a sister will be spotlighted, and we’re gonna need YOUR help to pull it off!  Here’s how it’s gonna go:

If you’re the lucky sister to be spotlighted, then it’s your turn to pick a sister to spotlight!  You get to decided who you are spotlighting.  Tell us a little bit about the person you choose, and why you’ve chosen her (or him)! You’ll have until the Friday following your spotlight to submit the next Sister Spotlight to us.  Make sense?  Sound fun?  Yay!

So without further adieu, I bring you this week’s Sister Spotlight:

In just one week, Team Shrinking Jeans will be running their half marathon in San Diego.  In the past few months, they have raised over $42, 000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, they’ve trained their tails off, they’ve been injured, they’ve learned a ton about one another, supported one another, and in what it takes some teams years to accomplish, they’ve become the epitome of the word team.

No words can express how proud I am of each and every one of them, and I cannot wait to hear stories and see pictures as this particular time in their journey together comes to an amazing end.  But to reach the end, we first must re-visit the beginning.  Many discussions about as many of us as possible needing to get together to meet had taken place, and it quickly turned into a brilliant brainchild of one person in particular.  What if the meet-up was the result of doing something for a good cause?  I think it’s safe to say without this one person taking the initiative to do the research and to contact the appropriate people, Team Shrinking Jeans may never have happened.

It’s for that reason, I’ve decided that this week’s Sister Spotlight goes to Kirsten.  Kirsten is a mom to 3 girls, and her schedule never ceases to make me tired.  She always, always cracks me up, yet if you need her, she would be there for you in a heartbeat.  And have I mentioned that she runs at the speed of light?  I’m not even joking.  Knowing all the work she has done and put into leading this magnificent team makes me so very proud to all her my friend.

Everyone help me congratulate, Kirsten on this week’s Sister Spotlight!!

Kirsten, congrats, my friend!  You so deserve it!  I cannot wait to meet you in person one day!

(And now it’s Kirsten’s turn…who will she choose?)

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