2010 June | Christy


HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOO!! Wow, it’s be awhile since I’ve weighed in.

Let me fill you in on my absence in case you aren’t following me on Twitter!

On Wednesday June 2nd the kids and I hit the road for Houston, and a few short days later I hit the air for San Diego. I ran with Team Shrinking Jeans in the San Diego Rock ‘N Roll 1/2 marathon through Team in Training, and it was amazing, amazing, amazing. I just don’t think I can adequately express how amazing it truly was. Wow. All the pain was worth the gain of the experience, the emotions, the moments.

After an extra day in San Diego, I flew back to Houston and chilled for a few days before the family and I hit the road for Miami, Florida. Yes, we drove to Miami from Houston to the tune of 1290 mile one way. Of course we stopped a lot along the way, and did lots of sightseeing. We had a wonderful time in Miami. The beaches were beautiful, the sun was shining, and it was humid as all get out.

Then we drove home, which turned out to be a little over 1600 miles, yo.

Three weeks later, here I am! And there’s a little bit more of me, if I’m going to be completely honest. That’s what this is all about right? Honesty?

Challenge start: 140.4 This week: 145

Change: PLUS 4.6

So it’s not quite as bad as I thought, but OMG I’m in the middle of the 140s again, and I worked so hard to get out of the 140s.

No worries, though, because I know I will get there. I have a plan, and it’s already in action. I’m eating right, drinking water, and easing back into exercise.

Next week will be better!