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Wait a minute Mr. Postman, did you forget about me?

(I have no mail to open or answer, I feel so…lonely)

WELL…It’s Mailbag Monday up in the sisterhood today. Have you noticed this new feature here at Shrinking Jeans?  It’ s where we are stoping to answer any of your questions. So, throw them at us!

(just not that hard…ouch)

You can ask personal questions for any of our contributors (I’ll even tell you what color undies I have on), for us as a group or sumbit a topic that you are curious about. We will try our hardest (because we love you) to answer them all. If we aren’t sure ourselves, we’ll go look for the answers and report back to you.

Sounds good, right? Then what are you waiting for?

Come on, if one person has a question, it usually means that there are more people with the same question out there, so dont’ be shy. Just ask.

Damn, you all are shy…so I’ll ask you a question.

Crooked Eyebrow asks:

So if you had to do pick one diet you would never, ever try again, what would it be and why?

So chew on that question, share with us, I bet you have some great stories behind that one, but while you are thinking about that, don’t forget to drop us a some Mailbag Monday fodder at support (at) shrinkingjeans (dot) net or in the comments here.

YOUR question could be featured next week! (sounds really cool, doesn’t it?)

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