Moments – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


June 22, 2010 By Christy

There were so many moments in San Diego. Moments I will never, in all my life, let go.

Running the entire race with Heather, and crossing the finish line within ONE second of her. That was an amazing moment.

(Okay, my favorite part of running with Heather was the fact that her name rubbed off her neon green duct tape, and people were yelling go Heat?…….Heath?……GO!! It was great! And she wore those badass aviators, so I felt cool with her.)

(photo from Heather)

Do something amazing with my fellow Sisters. That was an amazing moment.

(photo from Lisa)

Being called a skankyassho on video by Coach Joe. Bar none – AMAZING moment!

(photo by Melissa)

Burrowing at the Celebration party. That was a moment.

(I was *really* getting into that burrow! WOW!)

(photo from Kirsten)

Doing this for them. That was the best moment of all.

I would never in a million years trade one single moment of my time with Team in Training. The 4 months of training and fundraising, and the day of the race cemented friendships I know will last a lifetime. (Well except that one girl in the picture on the back row. I’m not sure I even know who she is, so I don’t think I cemented anything with her…)

Knowing that I was doing something to help people like my Paw Paw and my friend Angie’s dad made it worth more than words can say. Maybe even moreso now that I found out last week my Paw Paw’s leukemia relapsed.

I will do this next year, and every year, as long as my legs will carry me. My life has changed, and the moment I realized that was the most important moment of all.