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Life just doesn’t stop, does it? I can’t believe how fast this first week of the Shrinking Days went. I need a time out, y’all!

Thankfully, after a very emotional week last week, my sad busy has become crazy and excited busy. Why? Cause I’m leaving in less than 48 hours to meet up with Team Shrinking Jeans in San Diego! I don’t really need to expound on HOW MUCH I NEED THIS. It’s pretty hilarious, really, that I’m counting my jaunt down to San Diego as a break, because who in the hell goes on a  break that includes running a 1/2 marathon?

This girl, apparently.

So, last week I vowed to watch my food – knowing that exercise would be a hard thing to come by. And I was right. I got in a six miler on Sunday, and went to the gym on Monday for some resistance training and a little cardio. The end. Honestly, I should be happy I got any physical activity in at all (huge thank you to my husband who is awesome and makes sure I get my exercise time!).

Did I watch my food? I did…hmmm…alright. There was Mexican and I did drink a little more than usual, but all in all, I did pretty well.

And the scale? Today it says I lost .4 pounds. Which sounds about right. And after steady increases over these last few weeks, I’ll take it, even if it’s not even a 1/2 pound.

Not quite sure what to expect this week. You think someone running 13.1 miles would expect to lose, but running is funny like that. Plus, I need to make sure I eat enough to be properly fueled.

Let’s just say I’m hoping for a loss but maintaining would be fine. Yep, just fine.